My Roles:

Shoe Design

Graphic Design


Package Design


Social Media

CONCEPT began as an idea between friends - to build a high quality shoe brand that features designs very different from what was on the market. The brand grew quickly as our products gained popularity, and the story slowly began to unfold. The name TELEPORT was inspired by a trip to Slab City in the outskirts of the Californian desert. My friend and I felt a sense of awe at the expanse of a different culture - a land uncontrolled by government, free for the nomadic, and home for the wanderers. We felt as if we had teleported to a completely new place. The brand was built with this in mind, and our shoes featured nature's phenomenon such as: constellations, thunderbolts, and speed/velocity. Initially, we had no customer base to gather data, so to build our brand we had to decide on a target demographic, and then conduct further testing. We utilized information we knew from working in the e-commerce and shoe industry to build personas.


Branding + Art Direction:

To appeal to our audience, we wanted TELEPORT to have a modern, youthful, and edgy styling, and developed our campaigns with this in mind. During this process, the team had fun exercising our creativity. To boost outreach, we partnered with social media influencers to do giveaways and contests. We also created exclusive shoe designs via collaborations with select influencers.

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